Think welded-in frames are cheaper? Discover how QuickFrames can reduce costs on your next project, end-to-end.

QuickFrames are available in several strength levels and can be installed in a variety of applications. Pricing is based on the framing configuration (see images below), the strength of the steel required, the size of the main and cross rails needed (15″ – 85″), the size of the top flange (2″ standard, optional 4″ for deck attachment and direct bearing), and the attachment method to the roof support system (steel, wood, purlin, etc.).

Example QuickFrames Configurations

Roof Framing Configurations

QuickFrames Pricing Guide

The table below contains common applications for QuickFrames and typical price ranges. All pricing is based on a steel deck/steel joist roofing connection, 4′ – 6′ joist spacing, standard 2″ top flange, with a standard four-sided frame (Std Frame 1 or 2). Optional pre-assembly and shipping costs are not included.

Rooftop Equipment QuickFrames Steel Typical Per-Frame Pricing
Roof Drains 16Ga $180 – $210
Roof Hatches 16Ga $200 – $225
Exhaust Fans 16Ga $180 – $210
Skylights 16Ga $190 – $250
Smoke Vents 16Ga $215 – $250
RTUs, MAUs, etc. 12Ga $225 – $295
Thru-Floor Supports 10Ga $250 – $375
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Prices shown in $US and are subject to change without prior notice.