How Much Do Roof Frames Really Cost?

When it comes to the cost of roof frames, there is more to consider than just the cost of the frame itself. There are the basic costs associated with traditional frames such as materials, shop labor, detailing, and installation. These upfront costs can be readily compared to the price of QuickFrames, less the detailing which is no longer required. But what about when the sizes and locations are not provided and the deck installation is delayed? This situation can cause massive hidden costs. In addition, there are often forgotten or mis-located frames that create even more costs.

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Cost Factors Traditional Welded Frames QuickFrames
Detailing $ Required Pre-engineered / Not Required
Fabrication or Purchase $$ Custom Made / Weeks to Make Off-the-shelf / Can Ship Same Day
Shipping to Site $$$ Assembled (Far Fewer Per Truck) Unassembled (Far More Per Truck)
Installation Labor $$$ Welder, Crane Operator, 1+hours per Iron Worker, 15 minutes per
Inspections and Safety $ Welding Inspector / Fire Suppression No Inspector or Special Safety Protocols
Change Orders $$$$ Start All Over Again Un-Bolt, Move, Adjust, Reinstall
QuickFrames typically cost 10% less to purchase and install for new construction projects, and up to 50% less on TI projects, plus all the other indirect cost savings!

QuickFrames Pricing Overview

QuickFrames can be configured in many ways for many different purposes so it’s not practical for us to create a pricing table that includes every possible set of requirements. However, here are some examples of prices charged for frames on recent projects, as well as the competing prices that were quoted for traditional frames. (Traditional roof frames are typically quoted installed, therefore the QuickFrames prices include an installation fee. Since most in the trades will not quote less than one hour per install, even if it really takes 15 minutes, a generous $75 per frame allowance is made for QuickFrames installations in these comparisons.)

Tenant Improvement Projects

Project Frame Type Project Description Total Price Savings
Example C Traditional (100 4”x4”x¼” Angle Iron: $309 + $200 labor = $509 ea.) $50,900
QuickFrames (100 12GA: $213 + $75 install + $288 ea.) $28,800 $22,100
Example D Traditional (100 4”x4”x¼” Angle Iron: $309 + $200 labor = $509 ea.) $50,900
QuickFrames (100 16GA: $195 + $75 install $270 ea.) $27,000 $23,900

New Construction Projects

Project Frame Type Project Description Total Price Savings
Example A Traditional (100 4”x4”x¼” Angle Iron: $309 ea.) $30,900
QuickFrames (100 12GA: $213 + $75 install = $288 ea.) $28,800 $2,100
Example B Traditional (100 4”x4”x¼” Angle Iron: $309 ea.) $30,900
QuickFrames (100 16GA: $195 + $75 install = $270 ea.) $27,000 $3,900
Note: The traditional frame pricing assumed all the roof opening locations were known and would not change (prior to the roof deck being installed) and there would be no equipment changes requiring changes in frame locations or dimensions.
How often does that happen on your projects?

Indirect Cost Savings

Mark Fultz, Vice President of Operations, ABLE Steel

“On a recent 1.3 million square foot warehouse, utilizing QuickFrames allowed us to exceed the initial schedule by four weeks. When you’re talking minutes as opposed to hours to install a frame that has adjustment capabilities if there is a problem, it was an easy decision for us. We will never go back to [traditional roof frames].”

Nikki Wood, Project Estimator, Bell Steel

“By using QuickFrames, a ton of my shop time was freed up, and the end result looks great. The frames blend into the roof seamlessly, and if I need to move them, I can do so in a snap. Their frames are well-priced, and the pricing for bulk orders is even better.”