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Clock ImageChecking Out QuickFrames Today?

Chances are you are checking out QuickFrames today for one of these reasons:

1) You’re fed up with last-minute changes to roof opening locations.

2) You’ve been burned too many times mechanical unit changes at the 11th hour.

3) Your customer is upset because missing roof frames are causing expensive delays.

4) They’ve finally arrived, but your new angle-iron roof frames didn’t fit.

5) You’ve got a TI project where you can’t weld, or where fire safety is expensive.

QuickFrames – a 21st Century Solution

QuickFrames was designed from the ground up to minimize these and other hassles associated with 19th Century welded-in angle-iron roof opening framing. Here’s why.

* QuickFrames can be installed from under the decking. This means you can order roof frames later in the project schedule when mechanical locations are known and equipment identified.

* QuickFrames bolt on and assemble in place. You only need a 3/4″ impact driver and you don’t need a certified welder, welding inspector, crane, or fire safety precautions.

* QuickFrames are in-field adjustable in both axes to accommodate variations in as-built conditions.

* QuickFrames are manufactured, not fabricated, ensuring quality and consistency. Most sizes are carried in stock for next-day shipment.

* QuickFrames are pre-engineered for most common building conditions. When needed, site-specific engineering is provided at no change.

QuickFrames Applications

Let our team help you select the best price-performance frames for your applications.

Frame Types Typical Applications
12GA Ideal for mechanical units that require heavier structural support
16GA Designed for skylights, roof hatches, vents, roof drains, and lightweight RTUs
10GA Supports heavy rooftop equipment and is great for floor openings
Light Supports Innovative and economical solution to support hospital surgical lighting

Gallery Of Example Projects

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