Bolt-on, pre-engineered, adjustable RTU frames for supporting rooftop equipment

Meet QuickFrames, the only patented, bolt-on, adjustable alternative to welded-in angle iron roof frames.

Clock ImageQuickFrames – They’re Just Better

QuickFrames were designed from the ground up to minimize the hassles associated with 19th Century welded-in angle-iron or channel steel roof opening framing. Here’s why:

* QuickFrames can be installed from under the decking. This means you can order roof frames later in the project schedule when mechanical locations are known and equipment identified.

* QuickFrames bolt on and assemble in place. You only need a 3/4″ impact driver and you don’t need a certified welder, welding inspector, crane, or fire safety precautions.

* QuickFrames are in-field adjustable in both axes to accommodate variations in as-built conditions.

* QuickFrames are pre-engineered for most common building conditions. When needed, site-specific engineering is provided at no change.

* Most sizes of QuickFrames are carried in stock for next-day shipment.

Indirect benefits of QuickFrames adjustable RTU frames

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